Here you'll find fresh information about major changes on this site.
I guess, this is only of interest for real hardcore fans of the cyberliesel ;-)

27th October 2006:
I have totally neglected this site for more than four (!) years.
SORRRY !!!!!!!!!!
Now, as a reward for your patience I today added some memory games with some of the photos I recently took. I hope you have fun.

30th May 2002:
Now the copyright-page finally got a new design.
I will miss the wine-red of the first version for a while, but the new design is
a bit more professional.

5th May 2002:
New page: Finally I put together some of my sunset-pictures.
Have a look at some quite impressive sunsets in Hamburg, viewed from my balkony.

1st May 2002:
There is a new puzzle :-)
Here you'll find the new, third puzzle.
Here you'll find the first one.

11th February 2002:
Phew, unfortunately I am so busy right now, I cannot pay enough attention to this site at the moment (this also goes for the new one, scale-a-vector).
It's a pity because I would love to change the design of quite a few pages here. I have learned so much in the meantime and would love to apply this knowledge on this site.

19th December 2001:
Yippeee, the new domain for SVG is up :-)))
Now I am looking forward to your visit on:

Mid-November 2001:
The SVG-area is growing and growing and so is the interest in this topic (oh, how good!), therefore I will have to open a new domain about SVG.


24th September 2001:
Jippeeh! The guestbook is finally working :-))
This was a nice task for practising PHP and MySQL (it was fun!).

24th August 2001:
Yesterday I checked my site at for possible problems for people who are colour-blind (red-green).
I published the results of this test on a new page  (English version).

20th August 2001:
If you make a typing-mistake in the address-area (after .de/), you will from today on see a much nicer version of that classical error 404-notice.

10th August 2001:
There is a new page! It is not ready yet.
Draft for "Linklist WebDesign" here

7th July 2001:
I am now learning PHP, which means, I have little time right now to let this site grow as fast as it did in recent weeks.
So, maybe you'll have to wait two weeks instead of two hours to find updates or changes ;-)

Beginning of July 2001:
I start to feel good here :-)

April 2001:
Work begins. Getting started with a disclaimer.

End of February 2001: is up! But there is not much to see yet.

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