Copyright © Petra Kukofka

Copyright © Petra Kukofka

or: Not all grasshoppers are green

I am looking forward to your mail

More than 4 percent of all people are colour-blind, most of them red-green-blind.
This is why I have tested parts of my site at (only for blindness to red and green).
I want to let the none-colour-blind people see the highly interesting results.
The test at Vischeck is free.
However, it does not work with pages that contain JavaScript or CSS.
I do not use CSS, but a few of my pages contain JavaScript. Therefore, here I only show the test-results for my pages that have no JavaScript.
The tests are not absolutely reliable (beta-phase), however, they can give quite an important impression!
The first and pleasant result for me (at least with regard to the tested pages) was that people who are red-green-blind can actually read the texts on my site.   :-)
However, it also was quite a bad surprise to me to see what aweful colours parts of my fellow people have to bear on my site!   :-(
Thanks to the people of Vischeck for offering this free colour-test for websites!


more about colour-blindness

Now the results:
Btw., people who are blind to red and green will notice no or almost no difference between the two columns!
Let's start with the Homepage:

  thumbnail-view of the homepage
Well, this IS coloured.
thumbnail-view of the homepage for colour-blind people
To be honest, I almost prefer
this version!
The "original" is too coloured anyway.

Another rather impressing example is the linklist WebDesign:
Variations in mint

Quite an interesting combination
of colours!
I should try and use this deliberately.

Similar to this: the guestbook:
Colours are almost the same as in the example above,...

... therefore a similar result.
Another nasty difference, Webcams in Scotland:

Again a similar example: the list of internet-cafés in Scotland:

And now the cracker, the old version of the copyright-page:

Ain't that terrible?

I should more often use the colour blue. It is my favorite colour, anyway.
Dear people who are colour-blind,
if you find texts on my site hard to read or even not readable at all and if you assume that this may be due to the red-green-problem, please let me know!

- free colour-test of your site at Vischeck - English
- - German, contains amongst others some statistic data
- - English, nice example-picture
The on top of this page pictured grasshopper has been photographed when sitting on the naked back of my visitor - 2,5 weeks before having been published here *grin*
So it obviously knew that I, shortly after that, will desperately be in need of something typically green.
I promise, this is the truth!
So, always keep a camera ready, who knows, perhaps something will jump around at your place or/and on your visitor that may turn out to be an urgently needed picture shortly afterwards ;-)
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